The Gas Versus Electric Water Heater Conundrum: Which One Should You Choose?

Thinking of replacing your residential water heater? Whether you need a new hot water system because the current one is on its last legs, is much less efficient than newer models, or is no longer large enough to meet your household demand, a hot water changeover is a big decision. The fact that there are several water heater types to consider doesn’t make the decision-making process any easier, but this doesn’t mean you can’t make the right decision.

Do Your Blocked Drains Require Professional Intervention? Here's How You Can Tell

Usually, your drainage system will display signs indicating that it’s failing. If you know what each symptom signifies, it will be easy to explain the problem to professional plumbers when you call them in for repairs. But, how do you know that your blocked drains require a professional’s intervention? Look out for the following signs: Your Drains Have Multiple Clogs That Keeps Recurring If your drainage system keeps clogging, you need a plumber’s intervention to solve the problem.