Why Your Drain Keeps Getting Blocked

There are few things more annoying as a homeowner than having to deal with a blocked drain. This frustration only climbs when you have to deal with it multiple times in quick succession. It can sometimes feel as though your home is conspiring against you in these instances, but generally, there is an explainable reason behind this repeated problem. In most instances, calling a plumber who specialises in blocked or clogged drains will ensure a long-lasting fix. Here are a few reasons why your drain may be getting blocked more often than you would have expected when you moved in.

Deeper Blockage

Sometimes the blockage you think you are clearing is only superficial and the real problem lies much deeper in your drain. So, while you may think you are having to continuously unblock new problems, you are really just dealing with the symptoms of the major blockage that is unseen. In these cases, you really will need to use a plumber as they have all the tools and devices that can reach that far down into the drain and clear out whatever is stuck. By yourself, you are more liable to break your drain and pipes than do any significant cleaning out of the blockage.

Garden Interference

On rarer occasions, roots from surrounding trees will break into your subterranean drains and begin to siphon off the wastewater that comes through them. This is generally only seen in much older homes with trees that have had a long time to reach out and spread into the drains. The drains in these older homes are also often weaker due to age, so it is a compounding of problems. This can be quite toxic for your garden and is unhygienic, to say the least. Remote clearing of these roots is possible with high-pressured water, but that is, again, only an option when hiring professional plumbers.

Improper Use

Your drain is not meant for any really solid objects that do not get dissolved or at least weakened in water. Scraps of food, minor bits of waste and liquids can all be sent down the drain with little worry, but it is not something for larger or heavier items. Sometimes kids will be responsible for sticking a bottle of shampoo or lots of pieces of paper down the drain without your knowledge. This is actually often good news because it means you don't have an issue with the integrity or flow of your drains, and you just need to keep a closer eye on your kids when it comes to the bathroom!

For more information about a blocked drain, contact a local plumber.