Benefits of Press Fitting Over Other Plumbing Connection Methods

Plumbing leaks in commercial facilities can get extremely costly if proper care is not taken when securing the pipes. To prevent this from happening, plumbers have traditionally relied on soldering, brazing or welding to secure plumbing connections. While these methods have their pros, none of them beat the benefits of press fitting as a connection completion method. To new commercial plumbers, therefore, press fittings are an excellent solution to their plumbing connection needs. Newbie plumbers should not restrict themselves to the traditional way of doing things. This article highlights the benefits of press fitting over other plumbing connection methods.

Time-Saving -- If you are going to work on a commercial plumbing project, the chances are that it will be a large-scale undertaking. Connection completion by welding or soldering will, therefore, take a lot of time, considering preparation time for equipment. Additionally, plumbers have to check the integrity of a welded connection thoroughly before proceeding to subsequent activities. With press fittings, however, plumbers can eliminate time wasting since the link can be made in much less time. This can be attributed to the fact that operating a press-fitting tool is easier than a welding machine. All you need is to create enough friction between the device and the connector. 

Cost Saving -- As mentioned earlier, plumbing works in commercial facilities are often large scale. If there are many connections to be made, plumbers will need several welding tools, especially if the objective is to complete the work fast. Consequently, such projects require several welding and brazing tools, thereby adding to the cost of a project. However, the cost of a press-fitting tool is not prohibitive. A standard pack, for instance, can be used by different plumbers in different locations who are working on different pipe sizes. 

Impermeable Connections -- The fact of the matter is that, over time, welded connections weaken as the weld wears off, which can cause considerable losses to a commercial facility. Although different brands exist for press-fitting tools, they are all consistent regarding the strength of connections. Additionally, the latest hydraulic press tools have a feature that indicates when a connection is complete; therefore, you do not have to keep guessing.

Safety -- As a plumber, safety should be a priority at a job site. However, safety is not guaranteed with welding or brazing techniques because these methods involve the use of flames and heat. Press fitting, on the other hand, uses friction to secure plumbing connections. Plumbers using pressing tools do not require extra protective gear, which cuts down on overall operational costs. 

Uninterrupted Operations -- For an industrial facility, repairs to plumbing systems usually require the shutdown of operations. Such interruptions lead to loses for commercial facilities. Press fitting is the ideal solution because the tool can still be used even if a piping system is wet. This eliminates the need for shutdowns, even if it is on a temporary basis.