Hot Water Horrors: 3 Reasons You're Suffering Cold Showers

It is interesting what people look at while searching for a new home. Some people peek inside all the kitchen cupboards to see how big they are, while others test the garage door remote to make sure it works. One thing many people overlook, however, is the home's current hot water situation. You take it for granted that when you move into a new home there will be plenty of hot water, but what happens when you move in and there isn't? There are several reasons why you experience cold showers, so take this list and start investigating the source of your troubles!

A faulty thermostat on the water heater

There is a thermostat on your water heater which is adjustable to alter the temperature of water you receive. If the thermostat is set too low, then you won't get the same water temperature you had at your old home. However, if the thermostat is old and faulty, then it may alternate between hot water one day and cold water the next. Erratic temperature fluctuations are a faulty thermostat symptom, and you need a plumber to replace it if this is the case.

Big family, small hot water tank

If your water temperature is constant, but you're running out of hot water too often, then your problem is the size of the hot water tank. There are building websites which help you to estimate the size of the water tank you need based on the number of people in your home. For example, a family of 5 needs a 400L electric hot water system, but a family of 2 only requires a 160L tank.

Check the hot water tank you have and compare it to the recommendations for a family of your size. If it is too small, then ask your plumber to replace it with a bigger one.

Leaking hot water tank

While you are checking out the size of your hot water tank, have a look for signs of leaking around it. Mould growth is one sign your tank is generating damp conditions for mould growth. Even a small leak in your water tank is enough to make it run out of hot water. In most circumstances, a tank leak is not repairable, and it will need to be replaced. The exception to this statement is when the pressure relief valve is the leak cause. This valve can be replaced by your plumber, which will stop the leak.

There is no reason to put up with cold showers, and with winter on its way now is the time to give your plumber a call to get this problem sorted as cold showers on chilly days are not a pleasant combination.