4 Plumbing Areas to Inspect While Buying a New Home

Before making any payment for the house of your dreams, a detailed inspection of various areas is necessary to ascertain its condition. A professional opinion will help you determine whether it is a viable purchase, and what the best offer for the home is. Here are some areas to inspect to identify potential plumbing problems before purchase.

1.    The Water Heater

The water heater is a significant home investment. When shopping for a new house, you need to ascertain the current state of the water heater. Knowing how old it is is essential, as most models last for ten years. Beyond that point, breakdown begins to be evident, and the home might be in danger of flooding due to a damaged bottom.

Hire accredited plumbers to inspect the existing water heater system in the target property to get an accurate assessment of it. If it has a problem, you can decide to get the seller to replace it before closing the purchase. Alternatively, you can apply for a discount from the seller that takes into account the repair costs you will incur for the water heater once you buy the house.

2.    The Shut-Off Valve

The shut-off valve in the house you want to buy should be in working order to help regulate water flow. Many owners overlook this particular aspect, but it is essential for you to get it inspected. Turn off the valve and proceed to turn on all the faucets in the house. No water should be flowing from any of them, indicating a working shut off valve.

3.    The Sewer

Another critical area you need to inspect is the sewer. Sanitary and storm sewers easily get blocked by roots underground. Get professional opinions from licensed plumbers by having them carry out sewer video inspection. If the house uses a septic tank for waste disposal, ask the seller for a certificate of maintenance. Look for any leakage around the soil next to the tank.

4.    The Toilets

Get a licensed plumber to inspect all the toilets for any visible leaks at the base of the seat. The longer the leak, the more significant the damage to the floor which can indicate major looming repairs down the road.


A home's plumbing system will help you decide whether to buy it or not. Hire professional plumbers for a thorough inspection of all plumbing areas for an accurate assessment.