Bathroom Designs: Trends You Could Consider For Your Remodel

When come homeowners are contemplating remodelling their bathroom, they tend to focus on making it more functional than it was before. However, if you would like to increase the value of your home with your renovations, you should consider new designs that will also update the appearance of your bathroom. There is a wide assortment of advancements that would provide you with functionality as well as enhanced aesthetic appeal. Here are a few of the latest trends that you could consider when remodelling your bathroom.

Install three-dimensional tiling

Tiles have remained a staple in bathrooms for time immemorial. However, regular tile can be quite bland and will not add any uniqueness to your bathroom. If you like the look and feel of tile but would like your bathroom to have character, you should consider investing in three-dimensional tiles. 3D tiles not only add depth to your walls but the texture they bring also provides your bathroom walls with visual interest. It should be noted though that 3D tiles are not suitable for all the bathroom walls. Instead, choose an accent wall that you could install the tiles on so that the space does not appear too busy.

Incorporate technology in the bathroom

In years past, bathrooms were merely considered as utilitarian spaces. People would not spend much time in the bathroom and as such, would not incorporate luxury items that would help in making the room more relaxing. In recent times, though, more and more people are looking to create their personal havens in the bathroom. One of the ways that you could do this is by incorporating technology that would make your bathroom design modern. An attractive option is the installation of waterproof, Bluetooth speakers that enable you to enjoy your favourite music as you go about your business. Another design trend would be automating your bathroom for example by having automatic taps, an automatic toilet and more.

Invest in water-saving features

Water saving features are a growing trend when it comes to contemporary bathroom design. Not only are these elements aesthetically appealing by adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom, but also they are highly functional too and could reduce your overall water consumption. One option you could consider would be dual-flushing technology for your toilet, which helps on saving water with each flush. Another type of water-saving feature would be low-flow aerators installed in your shower and taps, which will function to ensure minimal wastage.