Hot Water Systems: Troubleshooting a Boiler That Will Not Turn Off

If you live in an older residence, chances are your hot water system comprises a boiler. The older the boiler is, the more susceptible it is to problems that would indicate that it is succumbing to deterioration. One of the common problems is when your boiler loses its ability to turn off. This may ensure you have a constant supply of hot water but it will also translate in a significant spike in your heating costs. Before checking for anything that is off kilter, always ensure that the boiler is turned off and does not have any hot water inside it. So how can you go about troubleshooting a boiler that will not turn off?

Inspect the boiler's programmer

The first place to check for a problem would be with the programmer. This device function to control the overall operation of your boiler and even has the capability of overriding your boiler's thermostat. To inspect the programmer, extract the component from the wall. Visually inspect for any signs of damage in the form of loose wires. You should also examine the relay connection to ensure that it is securely fitted and has not come loose. Any signs of wear and tear should nudge you to call a hot water technician.

Inspect the boiler's valves

Your boiler's valves will be located inside its relay connection. The valves function to transfer gas to the boiler and out of it. In the event that your boiler is not turning off, it could indicate that the valves have become stuck in the on position, hence providing a constant supply of gas to the boiler. It should be noted that removing the valves can be quite dangerous and you could end up damaging them. If you find that they are stuck in the on position, it would be best to call a professional to come and fix or replace them.

Inspect the wiring

It is not uncommon to find that some boiler problems do not actually lie with the boiler but stem from the electrical connection itself. When inspecting the wiring, the first place to start would be by looking at the temperature controls. If the temperature switch is damaged, it may constantly detect that there is water in the boiler, thus keeping the boiler running. Additionally, any loose wires or damaged fuses could also cause the boiler to stay turned on. It would be prudent to have a technician check for any abnormalities with the electrical connections.